A huge influence of art deco is expected to hit our homes in 2019

Every year new trends make their way into our homes. 2018 has brought us rose gold, exposed lighting, millennial pink, subway tiles and darker kitchen colour palette to name a few. Let’s take a look at what 2019 has to offer.

Love it or hate it, millennial pink is here to stay for 2019. Blue, green, burnt yellow is about to take off in 2019, usually as a complementary color for this popular shade of pink. Black and white will be the bold statements of 2019. Black and white kitchens, matte black finishes with complementing colors all around the home.

Metal finishes are all in this year, with copper and brass making a big comeback. Expect to see a mix of all metallic finishes complementing each other – rose gold, pewter, copper, brass. For that extra brassy or copper look try looking up some old vintage sconces, pendants or vintage furniture to give your space more character and an accent. Good news for gold lovers – gold is here to stay and we don’t expect it going away soon. So feel free to stock up on some of those beloved gold home décor pieces.

With heavily tech-driven culture we are bound to consciously or unconsciously seek out an escape from technology. The rise of hygge culture over the past of couple years proves this  – the need for cosy, warm, safe and homey retreat is on the rise. With it, a lot of natural material make way into our homes. A lot of wood, rattan and wicker, marble, terrazzo, natural crystals, leather, rattan natural and sustainable fabrics, fibre art and other art, that incorporates natural elements. Beautiful curves in furniture will be prominent, matched with natural fabrics. If you don‘t want to go all out with the new trends, you can add a couple of nature-inspired interior accessories to your coffee table or bookshelf.

Velvet made waves in 2018, together with millennial pink it’s and the absolute luxury eye candy. We will see more of velvet furniture and decor pieces, usually married together with art deco inspired pieces such as various gold accessories, bar carts, cushions. This rise of art deco dictates that need for a cosy luxury in a way. Beautiful velvet art deco beds with gorgeous headdresses, sofas and amazing armchairs will charm their way into our homes in 2019.

Looks like 2019 is going to be a very inspiring year. Full of natural materials and fabrics, luxurious art deco influence and bold colours. Remember, only you can make your house a home and we are here to help! Don’t forget to check out our store for more interior goodies.

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